Ryan Navarre – Class of 2020

For this month’s spotlight, meet Ryan Navarre – the intramural chair of the class of 2020!

Ryan Navarre


  • Alma Mater: Missouri State University
  • Major: Exercise Movement Science
  • Minor: Biomedical Sciences
  • Hometown: Peachtree City, GA
  • Interested in Emergency medicine
  • Patient Contact Hours:
    Cardiovascular Technician (in Missouri)
    Scribe (in Atlanta, GA)

What made you want to be a PA?

The biggest attraction towards becoming a PA was the ability to make lateral movements within various specialties because I have worked with so many doctors that were envious of that.

Why are you interested in Emergency Medicine?

I love the thought of being able to see a diverse group of patients. I also want to have a broad focus on medicine given that I will immediately be out of PA school so I feel that EM is the best specialty for me to start out in.

Any advice for pre-PA students?

ASK QUESTIONS! As current PA students, we have all been given advice and had help in our journey to make it into UF. You will meet many different medical professionals throughout your journey and they will all have different opinions and perspectives on their journey. Ask questions and learn from their success’ and their mistakes. It will save you a great deal of time and energy in the long run.

What made you chose UF PA school?

During my interview here the biggest selling point for me was looking at all the students and seeing how happy they were. After becoming a student, I can vouch in telling future applicants that UF’s program does an incredible job of creating a supportive atmosphere with unbelievable faculty that go above and beyond for their students.

How are you balancing school with friends and family?

School is obviously a tremendous time commitment, but I would say the most important way to balance this effectively is communication. I talk with my family as often as I can, but they understand how busy we are. Addressing this with my parents prior to the start of school was effective for me.

What do you do in your free time to help unwind from school and how have you seen this benefit your studies?

I work out at Crossfit Liv with other PA classmates in Gainesville and this has been better than I could have ever imagined. This gym has provided a way to relieve stress as well as giving me a second community of fantastic people outside the PA program that I love getting to see every week.

How has your mentor helped you throughout the program?

I cannot thank my mentor (Jim O’Donnell, shameless plug) enough for his help in preparing me for this process. We met at the interview dinner about a year ago and we have become great friends since then. Having the ability to learn from someone that has already been through this tough process makes it so much more enjoyable and stress-free.

Any Additional Insight?

It is important to chase your dreams people! I speak with a variety of people about PA school and the number one hesitation I hear towards this profession is from people who do not want to change their career path. They feel that they are too old, don’t have enough patient care hours or do not want to retake any classes. My advice to you is that the hard work you put in now will allow you to reap the benefits in the future. “Knowledge is not power, execution of knowledge is power.”