Promotions and Graduation

Students must earn passing scores in all phases of the curriculum to be considered for promotion and graduation. Student progress is monitored regularly by the Professional Standards and Promotions Committee (PSPC). Non passing scores in any phase of the curriculum will result in remediation. Students are expected to achieve certain levels of competency and professionalism as they progress through the curriculum. Promotion from the academic year to the clinical year, and graduation from the School of Physician Assistant Studies, are based on the student’s readiness to assume a professional role, as well as his/her academic performance. While grades are important, the decisions for promotion and graduation are based on the composite picture of both academic performance and professional growth and development. The PSPC meets regularly to address questions related to promotion and graduation, and to determine each student’s eligibility for promotion and/or graduation.

White Coat Ceremony

Upon successful completion of the didactic phase of the curriculum, students are promoted to the clinical phase. This transition is marked with the White Coat Ceremony during which students are cloaked with their long white clinical coats.

PA students pose wearing their white coats


The Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree is conferred upon all graduates of the School of Physician Assistant Studies at the School's graduation convocation in June. Graduates also receive a certificate of completion at this ceremony. Upon graduation, graduates are eligible to sit for the national certifying examination (PANCE).

PA students pose for a picture in their graduation robes

National Certifying Exam Pass Rate

The University of Florida School of Physician Assistant Studies proudly displays its pass rate on the national certifying exam (PANCE). Throughout the history of the School, the pass rate of the School’s graduates (class of 1974 through present) has exceeded the national mean.


class GRADUATION year number of first-time takers program first-time taker pass rate national first-time taker pass rate for the class graduation year
2014 59 100% 95%
2015 61 98% 96%
2016 60 100% 96%
2017 59 100% 97%
2018 59 100% 98%
2019 58 98% Available in 2020

Five-Year First-Time Taker Average Pass Rate for Program: 99%
Five-Year National First-Time Taker Average: 96%