Giving Opportunities


Honoring a legacy

Wayne D. Bottom dedicated more than 40 years to advancing the PA profession. As retired associate dean and director of the UF School of PA Studies, he left a legacy that will impact faculty, staff, students and patients for years to come. In 1996, he directed the program’s upgrade to one that offers a Master of Physician Assistant Studies, or MPAS, degree and helped double PA student enrollment. In addition, he spearheaded efforts to recognize the PA program as a school — granting the PA director the same rights and privileges as other chairs in the College of Medicine. He was responsible for several milestones in the evolution of the School of PA Studies, serving as an advocate, educator and mentor.

Wayne D. Bottom. Photo by Mindy C. Miller


Creating a culture of philanthropy

The Physician Assistant Stethoscope Fund provides resources for stethoscopes each year for first-year students at the School of Physician Assistant Studies. This fund ensures that emerging PAs have the most critical tool of their profession at the beginning of their studies. A gift of $150 covers the cost of a stethoscope for a new PA student.

Three students with stethoscopes

fulfilling an educational need

Giving back to those who have served

The School of Physician Assistant Studies Veteran’s Technology Fund provides electronic devices (laptops, iPads, etc.) to former military members who are now pursuing a PA degree at UF. The fund was created by 1980 graduate and Navy veteran Todd Keller and his wife, Maggie, to support the next generation of Gator PAs.

Three students sit in a classroom while looking at a laptop.