Selection of Entering Class

The Admissions Committee consists of several faculty members in the School of Physician Assistant Studies and is chaired by the Director of Admissions.

Applicant Pool

Class 2023 2024 2025
Applications Initiated 2397 2354 2521
Applications Completed 1417 1245 1209
Invitations for Interview 143 140 140
Accepted 60 60 57


As each week of interviews are completed, the Admissions Committee will meet to review total MMI scores given to each interviewee. It is possible that the committee will decide to offer immediate admission to any top candidates in a given week based on those scores. In mid-December the remaining seats are filled from the remaining candidates that were interviewed. This is based on the total MMI scores. The program matriculates a class of 60 students each season. Candidates offered admission will be given two weeks to either accept or decline the offer by returning a signed form indicating their decision. The UF School of Physician Assistant Studies requires a non-refundable deposit of $200 in order to hold a seat in the class. The $200 deposit will be applied to your Fall tuition. If you do not matriculate to the PA School, the deposit will be forfeited. It is the expectation of the School that finalists will give careful thought to their response on the acceptance form since, by indicating their acceptance of a seat in the class, they deny another qualified applicant the possibility of obtaining a seat in their stead.


In addition to immediately admitted candidates, the Admissions Committee will also identify approximately 45 alternates based on the MMI scores but to whom the School cannot extend an offer of a seat in the new entering class because of funding restrictions which limit each entering class to no more than 60 students. In the event that a finalist either declines the School’s offer or withdraws from the class, the highest ranked alternate will be offered the empty seat. Alternates may be contacted as early as mid-January or as late as the week immediately preceding matriculation of the new entering class, depending on when a finalist notifies the School of his/her withdrawal.

Student Mentors and Faculty Advisors

Shortly before matriculation, each current academic-year class assigns a class member as “mentor” to each new entering student. The role of the student mentor is to provide the current student’s perspective on problem-solving and to be a helpful resource for the new entering student as questions and concerns arise prior to matriculation and beyond. The extent to which a new student utilizes his/her mentor for information and guidance is an individual matter which is not governed by the PA Program. Upon matriculation, each new student will be assigned a full-time PA faculty member as faculty advisor to the student. The role of the faculty advisor is to meet regularly with the advisee, to monitor the advisee’s progress in the curriculum, and to direct the advisee to resources and appropriate assistance as the need arises.

Class Profile

Below is a link to the Class profile. This provides the statistics of our recently admitted students.

Class Profile