During an admissions cycle, the School invites 147 of the most qualified applicants for interview, with 21 applicants invited for each of the 7 weeks on the interview schedule. The orientation/ interviews are spread over a 2-day period in order to ensure adequate time for applicants to familiarize themselves with the School. Orientation activities are conducted on the first afternoon and interviews are conducted on the second day. The invitation to come for an interview is extended through a personal telephone call from the Program Assistant for Admissions, followed by a email confirming the date and time for orientation and interviews.

Schedule for Current Admissions Cycle

Interviews begin in late August and continue through December or possibly January.

August– 1 week (21 applicants)
September – 2 week (42 applicants)
October – 2 weeks (42 applicants)
November – 2 weeks (42 applicants)

On occasion, interviews may continue during December, depending on the number of outstanding applications received.