During an admissions cycle, the School invites 140 of the most qualified applicants for interview. Our program utilizes a MMI format for interviews. The orientation/ interviews are spread over a 2-day period in order to ensure adequate time for applicants to familiarize themselves with the School. Orientation activities are conducted on the first afternoon and interviews are conducted on the second day. The invitation to come for an interview is extended through a personal telephone call from the Admissions Officer, followed by a email confirming the date and time for orientation and interviews

Current Admissions Cycle Schedule

Interviews begin in late August and continue through December. On occasion, interviews may continue during December.


The School of Physician Assistant Studies supports the policy of the University of Florida regarding non-discrimination. This policy declares that the University of Florida is committed to non-discrimination with respect to race, creed, color, religion, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, political opinions or affiliations, and veteran status as protected under the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act.

Transcript Patterns

Applicants’ transcripts are carefully reviewed by the Admissions Committee in order to identify patterns or trends in academic history and performance.

Academic Performance and Difficulty of Courses

Transcripts demonstrating consistency in academic performance and ability to carry a full course load of substantial content will be heavily weighed by the Admissions Committee.

Selection Process

Our Admissions Committee carefully evaluates each application in terms of an applicant’s academic performance, course loads, performance in prerequisite courses, GRE scores, patient care experience, recommendations from professional references, and personal narrative. Invitations for interview are extended to applicants who present an overall picture that suggests an ability to meet the rigors of our program and the potential to become an effective practicing physician assistant. It is important to note that simply meeting our minimum requirements in no way guarantees an interview.

Communication Skills

Applicants’ written and oral communication skills are evaluated by the Admissions Committee and interviewers. The Narrative Statement found on the CASPA application, along with the GRE Analytical Writing exercise, provides the School with samples of an applicant’s written communication skills. Oral communication skills are evaluated during the actual interview process. Applicants must excel in both types of communication in order to be eligible for admission to the School.