Applicants who are invited for interview will be expected to participate in the full two-day spectrum of activities including an Orientation on the afternoon of the first day and a series of Interviews on the second day. Spouses and significant others are welcome to attend all Orientation activities on the first day. Only the applicants may attend the Interviews on the second day.


The Orientation begins with a one-hour Information Session conducted by the Admissions Coordinator for the purpose of providing information about the School of Physician Assistant Studies and instructions on the interview schedule for the following day. This session also includes a presentation on financial aid, a group experience, and a Q&A session.

The second hour of Orientation will be conducted by the Class President of the academic year class and consists of unscripted curriculum presentations by currently-enrolled students from both years of the curriculum. Individual students will describe the content and presentation of each course or rotation in the two-year curriculum from the perspective of the students. The Class President will also comment on student life and social activities. PA faculty will attend this session in order to answer questions or provide additional information.

Following the curriculum presentations, applicants will be taken on a virtual tour of the Health Science Center. Following the tour, applicants and their guests will attend a dinner at one of the local restaurants in order to meet and talk with current students and to ask any questions they may have. Faculty members do not attend this dinner since its purpose is to provide a relaxed, informal environment where applicants will feel free to raise any questions or concerns they may have without feeling stressed by the presence of a potential interviewer or member of the Admissions Committee.


On the morning of the second day, applicants who have expressed an interest in attending a PA class will be escorted to and from an early morning class by one of the PA faculty or staff. This is an optional part of the admissions process and in no way affects the selection decisions of the Admissions Committee.

Following the class, applicants will begin a series of one-on-one Interviews with PA faculty members. This is an opportunity for applicants to ask any remaining questions and to acquire a sense of what it would be like to be a student in the UF School of Physician Assistant Studies as well as to determine whether they think the School is a good “fit” for them. Interviewers will be weighing the same question during the interview process.

Helpful Information for Interviewing

Appropriate attire for the two days of Orientation/Interviews is as follows:

  • Orientation: Business casual (slacks, skirts or pants, shirt or top, no tie required).
  • Interviews: Business interview attire

Applicants are encouraged to take advantage of all orientation activities, especially the dinner with the students since this activity usually answers most of applicants’ questions and provides a realistic insight into what it is like to be a student in the UF School of Physician Assistant Studies. Guests accompanying applicants are also encouraged to attend the dinner along with any other Orientation activities since this will provide them with insight into and understanding of the rigorous educational program that the applicants will be undertaking for the next two years.

Applicants are also encouraged to ask all of their questions during their two-day stay. It is the strong belief of the PA faculty that applicants cannot make an informed decision about their first-choice School unless all of their questions have been answered and they have acquired enough information about the School to determine if they would feel comfortable matriculating there.

Feedback from Interviewed Applicants

At the conclusion of the two-day interview process, applicants are asked to complete a short online survey to evaluate the entire admissions process of the UF School of Physician Assistant Studies. Responses are completely anonymous in order to encourage total candor among respondents. Feedback is compiled into data tables and summary reports which are presented to the PA faculty, with recommendations for modifications to the following year’s admissions process, based on consensus among feedback respondents. To date, a number of improvements have been made to the admissions process because of the helpful and constructive insights of applicants who have been interviewed.